Individual Activity Application

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Individual Activity Applicant Definition

An Individual Activity Applicant is defined as an individual, organization, or part of an organization submitting an educational activity for approval to awarding continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours. The educational activity must be intended to build upon the educational and experiential bases of the professional RN for the enhancement of practice, education, administration, research, or theory development, to improve the health of the public and RN's pursuit of their professional career goals.

An individual activity is approved for two years during which time it can be offered, exactly as approved. Delivery format may include live events, online or independent study. Any desired modifications must be submitted to the Northeast Multi-State Division (NE-MSD) before implementing and may require a new application.

Eligibility for Approval of Individual CNE Activities:

  • Your organization is not a commercial interest organization as defined by ANCC.
  • The Nurse Planner is a currently licensed RN with a baccalaureate degree or higher in nursing who is actively involved in all aspects of planning, implementation, and evaluation of the CNE Activity.
  • The planning committee has at least two people – one Nurse Planner and one other planner to plan each educational activity. The Nurse Planner is knowledgeable of the CNE process and is responsible for adherence to the ANCC criteria. One planner needs to have appropriate subject matter expertise for the educational activity being offered (Content Expert) and can also be the Nurse Planner or a Presenter who is on the Planning Committee.

Always download a new application from the website to ensure you have the current version and requirements. Do not use saved file copies of previous applications as items change to meet current ANCC and NE-MSD requirements.

Individual Education Activity Application

Organizations interested in awarding nursing contact hours for one, single educational activity or conference:

  • Applications accepted year round a minimum of 30 business days prior to the activity start date
  • Applications received under 30 business day will be accessed a late submission fee
  • No application will be accepted 20 business days prior to activity start date
  • Application review fee applies based on number of contact hours under review

Application Review Fee

  • $75.00 per contact hour
  • $200.00 late submission fee
  • $10.00 application addendum fee per contact hour

Individual Education Activity Annual Reporting
Individual Education activity applicants are required to submit their yearly annual report due on January 31st. Annual reporting notices will go out first week of December. No fee for Individual Education Activity annual reporting.

Email completed annual activity report and email to

To determine the number of contact hours to award add up the total time allotted for the actual presentation (not including breaks/lunch) and divide by 60 (minutes). Each contact hour is 60 minutes of actual presentation.

Application Process

  • A clerical review is done to ensure all the necessary paperwork is included. Your facility will be notified if any required information is missing.
  • Once the clerical corrections (if needed) are received via email, the whole program with clerical corrections then goes to a NE-MSD CNE Approver Unit Nurse Peer Reviewer(s) for review of the content and objectives/outcomes of the program.
  • The Nurse Peer Reviewer(s) then notifies the CNE coordinator of any updates/corrects that are needed. If corrections are needed, your facility will be notified and the pages will need to be updated and sent back to the CNE coordinator via email.
  • These corrected/updated pages will then be sent to the Nurse Peer Reviewer(s) for final approval of the program.
  • You will receive an approval letter from NE-MSD CNE Unit via email.

New 2015 Criteria effective November 4, 2016

Our New 2015 ANCC criteria documentation is available below. All applicants must transition over to the new criteria by December 31, 2016. Old criteria application submission will not be allowed beyond the December 31st deadline.

Individual Educational Activity Application New 2015 Criteria

Additional Activity Documentation Forms

Resources to Learn ANCC Criteria and Application Requirements

Application Submission

  • Once your application and supporting documentation are complete, please submit payment below
  • Email one completely merged application file to

Post Activity Requirements NEW

Within 30 days after the completion of the first presentation of your education activity, the Nurse Planner must submit to the Post-Activity documentation form which includes submitting the total number of participants and total commercial support funds received for reporting to ANCC.

Submit Payment

The Northeast Multi-State Division is accredited as an approver and provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation (ANCC COA).

If you have any questions please email call 1-888-373-1291 and one of our coordinators will be happy to assist you.

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