Fees and Requirements

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Individual Education Activity Application
Organizations interested in awarding nursing contact hours for one, single educational activity or conference

  • Applications accepted year round a minimum of 30 business days (excluding weekends & holidays) prior to the activity start date
  • Applications received under 30 business days will be accessed a late fee
  • Applications received 21 business days will be accessed a late fee and expedited review fee.
  • No application will be accepted 20 business days prior to activity start date
  • Application review fee applies based on number of contact hours under review

Individual Activity

New Fees

Individual Activity Application Fee Contact Hours <1.0

$75 (Per contact hour to be reviewed)

Individual Activity Application Fee Contact Hours > 1.0


Application Late Fee: 
Applications received under 30 business day (Excluding weekends and Holidays) will be accessed a late submission fee


Expedited Review Fee: 
Expedited review fees are in addition to late fees if your application is received 21 days prior to activity date (Excluding weekends and Holidays)

 No application will be accepted 20 business days prior to activity start date


Individual Activity Incomplete Application Fee: 


Individual Activity Post Activity Late Fee: 
Post activity documentation is required 30 business days (Excluding weekends and Holidays) after your activity date held


Individual Activity Application Addendum Fee: 
Addendums made to Approved activity application and/or activities currently out for review. (Change to a flat fee) 


Individual Activity Consultation Fee:

$60 (Per hour)

Submit Payment

Individual Education Activity Annual Reporting

Individual Education activity applicants are required to submit their yearly report due on January 31st. Annual reporting notices will go out first week of December. No fee for Individual Education Activity annual reporting.

Email completed annual activity report to nemsd.annualreporting@gmail.com.

To determine the number of contact hours to award add up the total time allotted for the actual presentation (not including breaks/lunch) and divide by 60 (minutes). Each contact hour is 60 minutes of actual presentation time.

Approved Provider of Continuing Education
Organizations interested in receiving approval to award nursing contact hours for multiple educational activities provided to nurses within their organization or their target audience.

New 2015 ANCC Criteria

  • Applications accepted three times per year (March 1, July 1 & November 1) see cycle chart below
  • Application review fee applies based on type of organization (Single Agency or System Provider)
  • Applicants must meet specific eligibility requirements to apply (see intent to apply form)

Approved Provider

New Fees

Provider Intent-to-Apply Fee:
Organizations interested in applying to become an Approved Provider must complete the eligibility verification process, meet all eligibility requirements and submit intent-to-apply fee. The Northeast Multi-State Division is responsible for ensuring that the applicant is eligible to apply.

The intent-to-apply fee is non-refundable if the organization submits an intent-to-apply form and decides not to proceed with the submission of the full Approved Provider application. The intent-to-apply fee will be credited toward the provider application review fee for organizations that proceed forward with the full Provider Application


Single Agency Provider Application* 1 Facility
A single agency or hospital Approved Provider Unit who may be part of a larger corporate system however awards contact hours for only one agency/hospital named in the application.